1.940nm laser classified as class 1 under operation condition by IEC 60825-1: 2014-3rd edition.
2.Small ceramic package: 20 x 13.2 x 2.0mm.
3.Long range absolute range m
easurement up to 1.8m within 5 percent accuracy at indoor.
4.Reported range is independent of the target reflectance.
5.Operates in high infrared ambient light levels.
6.Advanced optical cross-talk compensation.
7.High speed ranging MAX 30m / s.
8.Standard solder reflow compatible.
9.No additional optics.
10.Single power supply.
11.Txd interface for device control and data transfer.
12.Lead-free, RoHS compliant.
13.Ranging Range: 100 – 180mm.
14.VCC: 3-5V.
15.ICC_VDD: 35mAh.
16.Topr: -20 to 70 degree celsius.
17.Tstg: -40 to 85 degree celsius.
18.Weight: 5g.
19.Material: FR4.

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ماژول فاصله سنج لیزری - TOF10120 (Laser Ranging)

  • تولید کننده: ساخت چين - China
  • کد محصول: D200_0A000_01109
  • موجودی: در انبار(موجود)
  • 1,190,000ریال