when the load is working , winding resistance due to large current would have a very, very high temperatures , so During use
and just a short time after use , you can absolutely do human contact winding resistance , to avoid being scalded
And do not allow contact with flammable materials tester to avoid fire ! Always short course on high alert

taking into account the special nature of resistance around the wound , the use of electricity in the first period will be a little white smoke and odor after the phenomenon , because outside the paint also contains a very small amount of water , electricity high temperature heat, the water evaporates to form white smoke phenomenon, outside by high-temperature baking paint odor phenomenon , after a period of use disappear completely.This phenomenon is bound to occur , this is normal , do not worry it will damage the load tester , ease of use

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تستر شارژر های 1A USB و 2A با بار مقاومتی

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